Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Salient Features Of Unix

The Salient features of unix are :
1. Popularity  : The unix operating  system have wide range of computing  power  from microcomputers, mainframes and different manufacture’s machine.
2. Portability : It is easier to read, understand, change and move to other machines because it is written in high-level language. The code can be changed and complied on a new machine. Users   can then choose from a wide variety of hardware vendors without being locked in with a particular vendor.
3. Machine-independence : The system is machine-independent. So , it is easier to write applications that can run on micros, mins and mainframes because the system hides the machine architecture from the user.
4. Multi-User Operations : UNIX is a multi-user system designed to support a group of users simultaneously. The system allows for the sharing of processing power and peripheral resources, white at the same time providing excellent security features.
5. Hierarchical File System :  UNIX uses a hierarchile file structure to store information. This structure has the maximum flexibility in grouping information in a way that reflects its natural state. It allows for easy maintenance and efficient implementation.
6. UNIX shell : UNIX has a simple user interface called the shell that has the power to provide the services that the user wants. It protects the user from having to know the intricate hardware details.
7. Pipes and Filters : UNIX has facilities called Pipes and Filters which permit the user to create complex programs from simple programs.
8. Utilities : UNIX has over 200 utility programs for various functions. New utilities can be built effortlessly by combining existing utilities.
9. Software Development Tools : UNIX offers an excellent variety of tools for software development for all phases, from program editing to maintenance of software.

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