Tuesday, January 10, 2012


1.Discuss Performance Analysis and Performance Measurement.
2.Discuss Time and Space complexity with example. A also discuss average, best and worst case analysifor it.
3.Define Data Structure and classify it.
4.Define array and give its representation.
5.Discuss applications of an array.
6.Discuss sparse matrix and its representation.
7.Discuss a stack with all its operations. Write algorithms for all those operation.
8.Write user-defined functions in C to perform four stack operations.
9.Write a Recognize algorithm.
10.Define the concept of recursion with suitable example.
11.Discuss a stack application "Tower of Hanoi" with algorithm.
12.Write user-defined function in C for Tower of Hanoi for N discs and 3 Towers.
13.Write a 'C’ program for followings using recursion:
a.GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)
c.Decimal to its equivalent Binary number conversion
14.Explain Postfix Notation in detail with suitable example.
15.Write an algorithm or ‘C’ user defined function for convergence of a given infix 
notation to postfix notation using stack.
16.Write a 'C' program to convert parenthesis-less infix expression to postfix expression.
17.Convert following infix expression into postfix format showing stack status after every step in tabular form.

a.A+(B*C-(D/E^F)*G)*H      b.     (A*B+(C/D))-F
c.    A*B/C/D-E*F*G*(H-2)      d.     X/2/N-2$M/3
e.    A+B+C+2/9*3*4       f.      A + B*(C+ D/E*F* (G + H) * I)- K
g.       (A + B * C / D - E + F / G / ( H  + I))
h.         ( A + B ) * C + D / (  B + A * C ) + D
I.    A*(B+C/D*E)/(F+G*H/(I+J))    j.      A+B*C-D/E*H
k.   ((A+B)*C-(D-E))$(F+G)
l.     P * (Q - R/S * T)  / (A + B * C/D + E)) + F
18.Convert following infix expressions to polish(prefix) notation.
a.A+B*C-D/E*H    b.    A*(B+C/D*E)/(F+G*H/(I+J))
19.Write an algorithm for evaluation of postfix expression.
20.Evaluate the following expression showing status of stack in tabular Form:
a.5 4 6 + * 4 9 3 / + *               b .     7   5   2   +   *   4   1   1   +   /   -
20.Consider the following arithmetic expression P, written in postfix notation. Translate it in infix notation
and evaluate.         P: 12, 7, 3, -, /, 2, 1, 5, +, *, +
21.State the difference between LIFO and FIFO.
22.Discuss representation of Queue and operations on Queue.
23.Write an algorithm to insert an element into and delete an element from singly queue.

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